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Manipal University:

Manipal Academy of Higher Education is a globally engaged university having active collaborations with over 250+ prominent universities worldwide. In study, research, and service, their relationships with universities, government agencies, and organisations give professors and students access to world-class institutions, experiences, and resources. They shared with us their objectives and goals of getting 5000 leads per day, 1% admissions and a few others. We at Mobtions discussed the strategies and techniques as a team, came up with the best ideas, ran successful campaigns and helped them reach their goals with our marketing strategies.


CARS24 is a multinational Indian online used car marketplace based in Gurgaon. The company is regarded as one of India’s four major organised players in the used car sector. CARS24 was founded in 2015 as a platform to buy and sell used cars. As of 2019, the corporation had 202 branches in 73 locations across India. Aside from its own locations, the firm has agreements with over 10,000 channel partners in 230 cities across India. In 2019, the firm sold 150,000 cars per year.  The company extended its worldwide operations in numerous countries, including the United Arab Emirates, Thailand, and Australia, in 2021. They shared with us their goals of reaching 500 leads per day in locations including, Delhi NCR, Mumbai, and Ahmedabad. With our talented team, we were able to come out with powerful strategies that resulted in a 24% increase in revenue during the campaign period.

case study on marketing research
case study on marketing strategies


CreditMantri is a data-driven platform that provides credit and financial reports to users based on their credit history. Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. CreditMantri was created to help you take charge of your credit health and help you make better borrowing decisions. They support customers with every kind of credit profile – those who are new to credit and have a minimal or nonexistent record; those who have a problematic history; and those who already enjoy a healthy profile. They enable you to obtain your credit score instantly, online, and in real-time. Based on the analysis, they help you discover loans and credit cards best suited for your credit profile. They make it easy for you to browse through and compare the various financial products on offer on the market and enjoy a stress-free application process with quick approvals. They asked us for 600 leads per day for PAN India through email, and push notifications. We came out with the best strategies and achieved an increased revenue of 15% during the period of running ads and reduced customer acquisition costs by up to 35% through the viral posts of the influencers.

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